Private Commissions

Equivalents 3 Image
Equivalents 3

A new location for this sculpture

Now Thus Image
Now Thus

Sculpture of 4 scythes rotating round a fountain. The image commemorates an historical item in the commissioning family history.

Sky Circles 3 Image
Sky Circles 3

210cm high made out of stainless steel

Nomads Image

Red coloured stainless steel with white stones forming circles under each. They have lights inside in darkness hours.

Lightstream Image

10 metres of LEDs curve across a rooftop garden.

Eyeing You Image
Eyeing You

Stainless steel and coloured stainless steel. One of 2 made for exhibition in Herrnheim Parks, Worms, Germany. The other one has a red centre.

Apple Image

Pink granite with bronze stalk. Is under an apple tree in a Wiltshire orchard.

John's Bird Image
John's Bird

Stainless steel, suspended high in a tree.

Cradle Image

Stainless steel bar and chain.

Sian’s Pear Image
Sian’s Pear

Polished pink granite with bronze stalk.

Tracy’s Pear Image
Tracy’s Pear

Pink sandstone with bronze stalk.

Joanne's Tree Image
Joanne's Tree

Stainless steel and coloured stainless steel

Rose rose Image
Rose rose

Coloured stainless steel with curved stainless steel stem.

Rose Arose Image
Rose Arose

Colour-change fibre optics. The fibre optics are held on a slim pyramid for stainless steel rods in a dark space. When the door is opened the fibre optics light up and change colour.

New Leaf Image
New Leaf

Coloured stainless steel with stainless steel frame.

Wether Image

Sand stone with bronze legs. Made in response to the foot and mouth disease that caused thousands of animas to be slaughtered. Exhibited Helmsdale Museum and now grazing with other sheep in a field in Wiltshire.

Wind Image

Stainless steel and coloured stainless steel. The leaves change colour with changing light of day through green, blue, purple. Supported on a curving band of stainless steel.